Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebookism, Messengerism, Twitterism... my life in 140 characters or less

We're part of a society that communicates in a virtual manner.

I prepare dinner and let my husband know via Whats App what he'll be eating and at what time I'm planning to serve the food.
I get on my two-hour train ride to work and I complain about the weather on Facebook, bitching about my morning and the rain soaking the hem of my pants.
I go to my weekly contemplative prayer meetings with my friends, and I have to tweet about some witty comment that I heard or said during the reunion.

My life has become a series of short, but deep insights, translated on 140 or less on the cyber space that surrounds us.
As Descartes would have said: I "tweet/post/share" therefore I am.

I still have my blog where I can extend the line of thought on a particular matter and share more crap than usual (but within reason) of the events that surround my life.

I  don't know who reads me, what they think of me or the effect that my words have on them, but it's so good to get it out!

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